Varsity Cheer Coach: Tracy Dreher (925) 980-1890

JV Cheer Coach: Shayna Dreher (925) 980-0068

Thank you for participating in the Livermore High School 2016-2017 Cheer Team Tryouts.  Freshman will try out for freshman and JV Teams only.  Seniors will be placed on Varsity only.  Clinic and tryouts are closed, only coaches, judges and invited current seniors allowed.

Clinic/Tryout Dates and Times:

  • Clinics:  April 19-21 3:30-5:30 in the LHS small gym.  Participants will be taught the following:  jump technique, motions, cheers, sideline and the dance routine.
  • Stunt Clinic for all except incoming Freshmen
    • Seniors Tuesday 5:30-6:00
    • Juniors Wednesday 5:30-6:00
    • Frosh & Sophomores Thursday 5:30-6:00
  • Male participants will learn a stunt sequence, taught in lieu of dance during clinic.  Clinic for guys is April 19-21 5:30-6:30
  • Tryouts for ALL: Friday, April 22  3:30-6:30pm in the LHS small gym.  Participants will perform in a whole group, then in groups of 2-3 for the Judges. Judges will be brought in from UCA.
  • Team lists (numbers only) will be posted on the LHS School Doors (Maple Ave) by 8 am Saturday, April 23rd
  • $5 donation to help cover the cost of UCA Judges


Sport Clearance Night:

Tryout Requirements – ALL PAPERWORK listed below MUST BE SUBMITTED TO COACHES on April 14th 6:00p-7:30p at the Student Union. If you miss Sports Clearance night you must get all paperwork to Athlete Director by April 18th.   NO paperwork will be accepted at tryouts on April 19th.  All applications must be reviewed and verified prior to tryouts:

  • Paperwork:  Bring the Cheer Team Application, with your picture attached; Contract of Commitment; Release of Liability Form; Physical Form; Emergency Card; Sports Registration form,  copy of Report Card and $5 submitted at the SPORTS CLEARANCE (6:00-7:30p) in order to attend the first day of the clinic.  If you do not have your paperwork, you will not be permitted to attend the tryout clinic.  If you are unable to make Sports Clearance night you can turn paperwork in directly to AD Office prior to April 18th.
  • Attendance:  You must attend and participate in all days of the clinic and the day of tryouts. *Exceptions will be considered for those in a spring sport, medical or other emergencies and will be left at the discretion of the cheer coaches, only if spoken with coach prior to April 18th and is left to the discretion of the cheer coaches.
  • Academic Eligibility:  You must have earned a minimum 2.0 grade point average on your last report card (HS trimester 2/Middle School semester 1).  Please bring the attached grade sheet with most current report card attached.   
  • No Physical Limitations:  You must be able to participate fully without restrictions.  Proper conditioning, warm-ups and participation is a requirement for trying out.  If you are a returning cheerleader who ended the year on medical, we must have a note clearing you from that same doctor.


Attire -  Strongly enforced, points will be deducted for each infraction

  • Participants are to wear a plain white t-shirt or tank top; plain, dark colored shorts; and proper athletic shoes – no Converse, Vans or platform tennis shoes. All hair must be pulled back into a high ponytail. No bangs or loose hair should hang in your face.  No un-natural hair colors – pink. purple, blue, green, etc.
  • No jewelry allowed.  This includes rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and piercings of all kinds, including surgical must be removed.
  • No acrylic nails.
  • NO GUM
  • Failure to meet these attire guidelines will result in not being able to participate until fixed.


Frequently asked questions

1. Is previous cheer experience required?  No, there is no cheer experience required

2. Is the ability to tumble required?  No, tumbling is required or done at tryouts

3. How long is the LHS Cheer Season?  May thru March

4. When are tryouts?  Our clinic is April 29-May 1 and judged tryouts are on May 2

5. What if a student currently plays a Spring Sport and can not make the clinic/tryout?  We will offer a 2nd tryout but you must get permission from the Cheer coach to attend.  You can contact her at

6. Who is eligible and what are the requirements for tryouts?  Tryout opportunities are available to current 8th-11th grade students who will be attending Livermore High School for the 2014-2015 school year.  Students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above to qualify to tryout and remain on the team.  Incoming 8th graders do receive a GPA waiver for tryouts.

7. Do I need to do anything prior to tryouts?  You will need a Tryout Packet, this can be picked up at the LHS Main Office or LHS Athletic Director.  This includes a physical with in 1 year.

8. Can parents attend tryouts?  No, it is a closed tryout.

9. Can guys tryout for the team?  Yes and are highly encouraged.

10.  Do you have a competition team?  Yes, we are hoping for a Comp Team this year.  Our Comp. Team will be optional to our school team.

11. What are the cost for Cheerleading?  Cost for a new cheerleader is approximately $1400 and for a returning less.  We do offer multiple fundraising to help with those cost.

12.  How many students make the team?  We do not have a minimum or maximum to our squads.  This year we are taking a Freshman, JV and Varsity teams.  Freshman may tryout for our Freshman Squad and JV Squad but not Varsity.  Seniors are placed on Varsity.

If you have any questions please contact Tracy Dreher at

James Petersdorf,
May 5, 2016, 10:35 AM