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Cross Country

Varsity Head Coach
Eddie Salazar
Livermore Cross Country runners have post season success. 

Greg Aufderheide and Veronica Valenton both competed in the state cross country championships this past Saturday. The two of them had qualified as individual competitors the previous week, during the NCS championships.

Greg placed 10th overall in the Division III race (204 runners).  His 10th place made him a medal winner.  His performance also was tied for the 87th fastest, out of the 996 boys competing in the five races (divisions). 

Veronica placed 36th overall in the Division 111 race (208 runners).  Veronica’s performance was the 276th fastest, out of the 990 girls competing overall.   

Preparation for the 2018 Track and CC seasons

  1. Set goals for the season.  You want to have time-goals (for example, personal-bests for the different track distances of 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 meters).  Also, set goals in terms of championship races (EBAL, NCS, State) that you want to achieve. 


2.   I have given you suggestions as to length of runs, pace, and so forth.  However, if you       do not stick to the recommended number of training days, you will probably also not           put forth the efforts needed to follow through on my suggestions.  Always start the          running schedule at the beginning, even if you start after Dec 12th.  Don’t jump to the    2nd or 3rd week’s set of runs; you won’t be ready to skip ahead.  And you possibly will            get hurt.    


3.   Once a week (Saturdays), beginning Dec 23rd, I will be at the LHS track, 8:00 AM.  We can discuss your progress and consider changes in the training schedule.  I will then ‘suggest’ a workout for that morning.  These bonding experiences are voluntary and are not team   practices.  I don’t think you should show up if you aren’t following the winter schedule, that is, if you aren’t running regularly.


4.   You should, in addition to running, do some form of cross training a 1-2 times per week.  This could be weight lifting, biking, swimming, dynamic stretching, or whatever.


(Girls’ running times)


Dec 4- 10th:                Run 2 days, 35-45 min (25-30 min) each time.  Run at a relaxed pace. 

                                    Note: longer times of runs are for more experienced and/or varsity runners.


Dec 11-17th:                Run 3 days, same as above.


Dec 18-24th:               Run 4 days, 40-45 min (35) for each of two runs, and 45-55 min (40-45) for the other two runs.  Make one run ‘up tempo/lactate’, that is, at a pace that does not allow for much talking.  Start running up in the hills (like up in the Kilo Loop area, or at Brushy). 


Dec 25- 31st:              Run 4 times, same as per previous week, except add one run for                                                      60-75 min (50-55)


Jan 1-7th:                    Run 5 times, four runs done for 45-60 min (35-45) each, one run for 65-80 min (55-65).  Two runs should be ‘up tempo/lactate’ and/or involve hills.


Jan 8-14th:                  Run 5 times, as per previous week.


Jan 15-21st:                Run 5 times, 4 runs for 50-60 min (40-50) each, one run for 70-90 min (60-65).  Again, two runs should be up-tempo and/or involve running up-and-down hills.


Jan 22-28th:                Run 6 times, as per previous week.


Jan 29-Feb 4th:              Run 6 times, as per previous week.


Feb 5th:                       This will be the first day of official track practice.


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