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Girls Water Polo

We are getting ready for the 2018 LHS Water Polo Season!

Coach Sarah Wetherell 
Assistant Coach Kristen Wetherell
Email: sarahwetherell@ymail.com

LARPD LAZERS is a great way to keep in condition over the summer.  Practice
three nights a week at the Robert Livermore Aquatic Center, and play in tournaments through the summer.  For more 
information and to register, click here.
There will be also be a pre-season conditioning program offered through LARPD for all high school water
polo players and incoming freshmen interested in playing high school water polo.
The week-long program runs Aug. 7-11, with a two hour practice each night at RLAC.  Contact
LARPD to register, either by clicking the link above, or call 925-373-5751.

Official Season begins August 13, 2018.

Check back in the summer for more information on pre-season conditioning at LHS
in August, and the EBAL schedule for the official season.

A few reminders:
Recruit your friends!  We would always like to see more players, learn from them, and continue to
keep this great program going.

Don't forget your Sports Physical!  The form needs to be submitted as part of
Fall Sports Registration.
If you get your sports physical done in August, you'll be good for sports all year long.
Click here for the form.

Go Cowboys!