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2017-2018 Competitive Athletics Data

LHS Athletic Guidelines


Livermore High School teams are part of the East Bay Athletic League, along with Amador Valley High School, California High School, Carondalet High School, De La Salle, Foothill High School, Granada High School, Monte Vista High School, San Ramon Valley High School. Tryouts and formation of teams occur a few weeks prior to a particular season. For more information, contact the Athletic Director.  Livermore High School and the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District support student participation in athletics. Participation in athletics is a privilege and students involved in extra-curricular sports activities are expected to maintain a higher standard of academic achievement and behavior than that of the general student body. Therefore, in order to participate in athletics, students shall maintain satisfactory progress toward meeting the academic requirements of the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District and abide by behavior regulations established by Board Policy 6145.


Livermore High School has a process for the distribution of Varsity Letters and Other Jacket items.  Freshmen and JV athletes will receive a Certificate of Completion at the completion of the season.  First Time Varsity Athletes will receive a Block Letter, Graduation Numbers, and a sport insert.  Second time Varsity Athletes will receive an additional insert of the jacket.  Three year Varsity athletes will receive a shadow block and an additional insert for jacket.


The LHS Code of Conduct defines hazing as “engaging in or planning any form of verbal or physical hazing or initiation of other students. Hazing includes, but is not limited to, forcing prolonged physical activity, forcing excessive consumption of any substance, forcing prolonged deprivation of sleep, food, or drink, or any other behavior that recklessly endangers the health or safety of an individual or is likely or intended to cause personal degradation or disgrace for purposes of initiation into any student group.” According to the Code of Conduct, the principal may suspend or recommend expulsion for a student who engages in hazing.


Are subject to an appropriate penalty at the discretion of the Coach, Athletic Director and/or the Principal, taking into consideration the seriousness of the offense


Are subject to an appropriate penalty at the discretion of the Coach, Athletic Director and/or the Principal, taking into consideration the seriousness of the offense


Are subject to an appropriate penalty at the discretion of the Coach, Athletic Director and/or the Principal, taking into consideration the seriousness of the offense


Possession or use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs at school or school activities as determined by a school official, shall result in immediate dismissal from the team and ineligibility for participation in other teams/activities for the remainder of the sport season or thirty (30) calendar days within the school year,whichever is longer Possession or use of tobacco at school or school activities, as determined by a school official shall result in: a. suspension for one contest/event for the first offense; b. dismissal from the team for the second offense. Suspension from school results in simultaneous suspension from practice or contests. Insubordination to any school personnel may result in disciplinary action or dismissal from the team as determined by the principal or designee.  Attendance in all classes on the day of a contest or practice is required in order to be eligible to participate. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Athletic Director.  Travel to and from all extra-curricular activities must be on transportation authorized by the school unless the coach agrees to other arrangements. Students shall not transport other students to or from activities.  Return of all issued equipment/materials and payment for lost equipment/materials is the responsibility of the student and parent. The student shall not participate in another sport until equipment is returned or payment is made.  Quitting a sport without the consent of the coach will result in the student being ineligible for the remainder of the sport or thirty (30) calendar days, whichever is appropriate as determined by the coach.  Additional rules developed and distributed in writing by the coach relating to attendance and punctuality at practice, awards, dress, and behavior/conduct must be followed. Failure to    follow these rules may result in suspension or dismissal from the team.  Any participant who is dismissed from a team due to an infraction of the behavior regulations listed in this section shall be ineligible for participation in any sport for the remainder of that season or for thirty (30) calendar days within the school year, whichever is longer.


The following rules and minimum penalties are applicable to players as adopted by the NCS Board of Managers on April 21 1995. This policy will be in effect beginning with the 1995-1996 school year, (and will include non-league, league, invitational tournaments/events, post-season: league, section or state playoffs, etc.)

  1. Ejection of a player from a contest for unsportsmanlike or dangerous conduct.

Penalty: The player shall be ineligible for the next contest (non-league, league, invitational tournament, post-season {league, section or state}            playoffs, etc.)

  1. Illegal Participation in the next contest by a player ejected in the previous contest. 

Penalty:  The contest shall be forfeited and the ineligible player shall be ineligible for the next contest.

  1. Second ejection of a player for unsportsmanlike or dangerous conduct from a contest during one season.

Penalty:  The player shall be ineligible for the reminder of the season.

  1. When one or more players leave the bench to begin or participate in an altercation.

Penalty:  The player(s) shall be ejected from the contest-in-question and become ineligible for the next contest (non-league, league, invitational tournament, post-season {league, section or state} playoff, etc.)


Are athletes encouraged to play more than one sport?

The Department of Athletics encourages all athletes to be as involved as their schedule allows, and, yes, we encourage athletes to play on as many Livermore HS teams as they can. Our coaches are willing to meet with athletes that are interested in playing two or three sports and help an athlete plan his/her time effectively so that he/she can maximize his/her high school athletic experience.

How do I register for a sport? 

Visit www.cowboysfight.com web site and click on login to the clearance website www.athleticclearance.com

Does my child need a physical every year? 

Every student participating in sports for Livermore HS needs a completed physical release form EACH YEAR. If you have one in the summer, then it is good for the entire school year. If you have one during the school year, it expires on that day, and a new one must be completed.  Physical examines must be performed by a medical doctor, not a chiropractor.

Can I still play with my club team during the school year? 

Yes you can, but there are some restrictions placed on all high school athletes by the California Interscholastic Federation. First, you may not play on a club team in a particular sport during that sports high school season. (You cannot play club soccer once the high school soccer season starts.)

Is there any type offseason conditioning. (For example, you pre-season conditioning? 

Most sports offer some kind of pre-season conditioning once school starts.  This conditioning may be limited to returning players in a particular sport due to facility limitations.  Contact the head coach of a particular sport for more specific information.  If you cannot reach the head coach, feel free to contact the Department of Athletics.

Are their cuts for teams at Livermore High School? 

Most teams at Livermore High School conduct tryouts for the purpose of selecting the members of athletic teams.  At the conclusion of the tryouts, there are often athletes that cannot be offered a spot on a particular team.  Cutting athletes on a particular team is difficult for coaches, families, and athletes.  Parents and athletes are encouraged to talk with coaches about the tryout process for a particular sport.

Who is the Athletic Director at Livermore High School?

James Petersdorf is the Athletic Director at Livermore High School. He can be reached at jpetersdorf@lvjusd.org or by phone at 925 606-4812 ext 2306

James Petersdorf,
Jun 11, 2015, 12:43 PM